Get Fit,
Stay Fit!

personal training and group fitness
corporate fitness
senior fitness
post injury/rehab
pre and post-natal
weight management consulting
Skype training

Is it time for you to get fit...and stay fit?  For over seventeen years, I have been improving
clients' health through personal training, group fitness classes and nutritional counseling. 
As an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant,
I have had a great deal of success working with individuals of all ages and fitness levels,
at the gym, in their homes and at their places of work. 
My mission remains to bring health and a high level of fitness to as
many willing participants as I can reach.

A professionally designed exercise program may result in any of the following:

      • Enhanced mood and Increased energy levels
      • Improved mental function and clarity
      • Improved posture and decreased joint pain
      • Decreased body fat and increased lean muscle mass
      • Improved appearance and self confidence
      • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
      • Improved heart and lung function
      • Better quality of sleep
      • Greater knowledge regarding an active lifestyle and healthier eating habits


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