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Personal Training

Studies show that people looking to improve their health and fitness levels will see results much quicker when working with a certified personal trainer.   Through motivation and education, my clients quickly see why an efficient, specifically tailored workout is the key to success.  There are many elements that must be considered in the development and implementation of 'the perfect workout.'
These include:

A Fitness Assessment
In order to create an individualized workout, a number of factors must be considered.   A fitness evaluation consisting of a variety of tests helps tremendously to reveal what type of workout is right for each client.
The fitness evaluation consists of:

  • Baseline girth measure measurements and body fat testing
  • Upper and lower body strength and abdominal endurance testing
  • Flexibility and mobility measurements
  • A postural analysis to determine any muscular imbalances
  • A movement pattern analysis
  • A diet analysis and discussion of the importance of a well-balanced diet
  • Establishing short and long term goals

Strength Training
Many studies reveal that increasing muscle mass will increase metabolism, thus increasing the number of calories burned each day, resulting in a decrease in body fat.  Strength training also gives the body a more toned and defined look, which is often associated with enhanced body image and self confidence.

Cardiovascular Endurance
Participating in cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise not only burns a significant number of calories, it also improves heart and lung function.  A higher level of cardiovascular endurance typically results in a lower resting and recovery heart rate.  Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also associated with higher levels of cardiovascular endurance.

Tightened muscles often result from overuse and poor posture.  This may be due to overworking certain muscles or using poor form while weight training, or quite often from cumulative trauma associated with job related tasks.  Carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disks, tennis elbow and kyphosis are all examples of muscular imbalances resulting form overused muscles.  Regardless of the cause, these shortened muscles inhibit full range of motion at the joint, which results in muscle compensation and eventually, pain.  Maintaining equal flexibility of the muscles on each of any given joint is necessary in order to avoid chronic pain.

Nutrition Counseling
As most people learn, exercise alone is not enough to reduce or maintain a desired body fat percentage.  As I tell all of my clients, "it's not only what you're doing for the hour that you're in the gym, but what you're doing (or not doing) the other 23 hours a day."  Your body needs the correct amount macro and micro nutrients in order to function properly.  An appropriate number of calories and intake of protein, carbohydrates, unsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals are necessary for peak performance.  Therefore I encourage everyone to keep a diet journal, consisting of the type and amount of food/beverages consumed throughout the day, in order to determine if the diet is on track.

Short and Long Term Goal Setting Through Fitness Evaluations
When I meet with a client, I consider that to be the start of  his/her pursuit of a stronger and healthier body.  Though all individuals will progress at different speeds, most clients start to see changes in four to six weeks.  Therefore, bi-monthly fitness evaluations help to determine what goals have been met, what goals are yet to be achieved and what changes need to be made to the workout plan in order to obtain optimal results.

Other Services

"Get Fit, Get Productive" is a program designed for companies wanting to keep their employees enthusiastic, healthy and productive.   This program consists of two 60-minute group fitness classes per week, geared toward relieving stress, reducing muscular tension and improving posture through gentle flexibility exercises, and decreasing body fat, in addition to providing guidance to individuals on how to pursue a healthier, more fulfilling and energetic lifestyle.

"Get Fit, Get Fixed" is a program developed for those individuals suffering from chronic pain due to conditions such as carpel tunnel, herniated disks, tennis elbow and kyphosis, as a result of cumulative trauma or muscular imbalances.

Skype training is also available!


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