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Get Fit, Stay Fit!
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"Robyn's sessions are far more than simple exercise.  Over the five years that I've been training with her, she has taken the time to develop specific programs to repair injuries, and others to make me stronger and increase my endurance, flexibility and stability."
~Cheryl D

"Robyn tailors your individual workout and fitness program ,taking into account your needs and goals.  Her enthusiasm motivates you to stick with it.  If you do, you get results and most importantly, she makes fitness a part of your life."

"Robyn is truly a remarkable and gifted trainer.  Her engaging and motivational style combined with her deep knowledge and experience have enabled me to reach my fitness goals.  Robyn is clearly dedicated to one thing:  Her client's success!"
~Paul Cataldo

I normally train with Robyn in person, but because I travel a lot for work, I recently started doing our training sessions via skype, and it has been a lifesaver! It was tough for me to stick with my diet and workout routine while on the road, but now with my ipad, I've had training sessions with her from hotel rooms and gyms. I can no longer use the excuse that I'm out of town to stop working out and eating healthy. Robyn is always there to motivate me! Robyn cares very much about her clients and is always very encouraging. I'm thankful for all that she's done for me, and the time and effort she puts in to helping me to achieve my fitness goals. Training with her really has made a huge difference to both my physical strength and self-esteem."

~Mark R

"I have been a client of Robyn's for four years. I have found her to be very smart and professional. She creates custom workout programs based on MY goals, taking into account my limitations. She tweaks the workout and keeps me accountable in a friendly, funny and encouraging manner. In my professional life (I'm a Dentist) I sometimes tie my body in knots to get my work done. She has the knowledge to fix my aches and pains through stretching and strengthening exercises . Her designed workouts never hurt me and I always leave her sessions feeling no pain and having more energy than I had when I arrived. I give Robyn an unconditional endorsement."

~Marc E

"I'm a somewhat active 76 year old guy who just hates to exercise. About six years ago, I decided I needed to engage a trainer, someone who would motivate me to get some of the exercise that I desperately needed. Luckily I found Robyn at a gym in my neighborhood in Boston. I worked out with her at that gym until she moved South several weeks ago. She is a supremely competent professional. She knows anatomy and can teach several exercise regimens. She got to know me and my capabilities well, pushed me very hard, and backed off and pursued alternatives when she knew that I was maxed out. She is appropriately personable and not at all overly intrusive. Bottom line: she's an A+ trainer. I know several of her other Boston clients and we all miss her. Some of us are now working out with her via Skype."

~Ernest H

"Robyn Dalton has been my personal trainer for over ten years. Due to her sunny disposition and professionalism, her sessions are a joy. She is very knowledgeable about training, and is able to adapt to the needs of any client. Since she is always studying and training, she provides interesting and challenging sessions for her clients. I strongly recommend her as a personal trainer."

~Judy S

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